Tom Sitzman

Stainless and Painted Steel Sculpture

Reception: Fri. Jan. 13 | 5:30 - 9pm |

​Artist and owner of Connect Gallery will open the new year with steel sculpture and new artworks from the local artists.

November 29 - December 30,  2017  | Julie K. Thorsen  Train Cars with Feelings and Other New Works

Dan Klima - "Wood in a Box" in TAG

Reception: Friday December 1 | 5:30PM - 9PM

Reception: Friday Nov. 10th | 5:30 - 9PM|

Sept. 13 - Sept. 30, 2017  150 Years of Nebraska Statehood

2017   Exhibition

October 4 - October 28, 2017  Cody Wheelock   |  Ann O'Hara  

Award winning artist, JK Thorsen, has her own style. Without cliché, her details and humanity are personal yet lasting. Not prone to pretension nor over-production, she continues to incorporate ecologically responsible materials and practices in her work.

Thorsen reminds us of play and presence while responding to our times with a whisper. Whether producing on-site - or in her unheated workshop - risk and growth are key, while relationships and awareness remain foremost. 

Visit her bio and resume.

Jan. 4 - Jan.  28, 2017  |  Tom Sitzman

Reception: Friday October 13th | 5:30PM - 9PM

Nancy Lepo's artworks convey her love of science and mathematics. Einstein and Hawking are her heroes. Her works are done on paper using pointillism techniques.     

Nancy Lepo - "Einstein, Hawking...And Me"

November 1 - November 25, 2017  Nancy Lepo   |   Dan Klima

Cody Wheelock - Inter-Connection: Art and Nature


Cody's series of work is about making connections with the landscape. By capturing the personality and feel of the place, he has the hope that viewers make their own connections to the pieces via past experiences and memories.

Connect Gallery featuring artists' impression of Nebraska

​Reception: Friday Sept. 15th | 5:30PM -9PM

Ann O'Hara - Pastels for Small Spaces (TAG)

Pastels are very forgiving... important in paintings and life. Spontaneity, bold, vibrant, each of Ann's pastels has a story. From the rolling hills to the concentrated look of a little girl, Ann wants to convey more than just painting but a connection to the subject. 

Dan Klima began working with wood at an early age. The color and grain found in his sculptures are natural. The theme of his works is celebration of the wood's grain - the interesting and visually pleasing form of each board and plank. His design is ever changing with each bit of wood removed as he discover what lies beneath the surface.