Reception: Friday December 1 | 5:30PM - 9PM


November 2018   -          Courtney Porto - Front Gallery - “Figures & Forms” - figurative works,                                                   abstracts and giftables

                                     Susan Woodford - TAG

                                      Nov. 7 - Dec. 1 Reception Nov. 9 |5:30PM - 9PM |

December 2018   -          Ken Heimbuch - Front Gallery

                                     Bob Wigton - TAG

                                     Dec. 5 - Dec. 29 Reception Dec 14 |5:30PM - 9PM |

New Artist:  Ilaame Pelshaw



October 3 - November 3, 2018 

Bob Mathews - Portraits

Nancy Lepo - "Einstein, Hawking...And Me"

Robert Klein-Engler

New Works

April 4 - April 28

Reception Friday April 13 |5:30 - 9PM|

Klein-Engler's artworks are influenced by literature and 20th century modern artists. His colorful paintings and drawings use symbolism and abstraction to weave a story with varied subjects of religion, history, immigration and of belonging. 

Reception:  Sept. 14th | 5:30PM - 9PM

Exhibition in front window. 

Tom Sitzman - Sculpture is Furniture

  - TAG ( Tiny Art Gallery) and downstairs Furniture Room

Functional and stylish sculpted furniture for tiny homes. 

Dumicich creates to “inspire others, whether through teaching, through art or through leading by example. Knowledge must be passed on to others or it is useless, creativity inspires creativity…I create because I can.” His works featured in the show are paintings and mixed media pieces of landscapes and recognizable imagery.

2018  Past Expositions

Reception: Friday May 11 | 5:30PM - 9PM

Connect Gallery featuring artists' impression of Nebraska

​Reception: Friday Sept. 15th | 5:30PM -9PM

Front Gallery

Glenda Dietrich Moore - "Spirit Meditations"

Mixed Media on Paper

The paintings reflect and celebrate Glenda Dietrich Moore's sense of the Spirit.  She invites viewers to slow down, inhale and hear the Spirit's invitations.

 April 4 - April 28, 2018 |  Robert Klein-Engler

Reception Fri March 9th | 5:30PM - 9PM

Reception: Friday Nov. 10th | 5:30 - 9PM|

Cody Wheelock - Inter-Connection: Art and Nature


Cody's series of work is about making connections with the landscape. By capturing the personality and feel of the place, he has the hope that viewers make their own connections to the pieces via past experiences and memories.

One of the founding members of the Artists' Coop, Nick worked in variety of media, from painting and drawing to sculpture. 

​Reception: Feb 9th | 5:30PM - 9PM

An evening with live music and colorful textiles by Rachel Droppers in the Tiny Art Gallery. The main gallery will exhibit paintings by Bob Matthews.

October   3-     Opens - 1AM - 5PM

October 12-     Opening Reception - 5:30PM - 9PM

October 13-     Hands-On Workshop - 12PM - 4PM with Jay Rich

                       Fresh Leaf Indigo Dyeing - $75 per person

October 20-     Fashion Show - 6:30PM Refreshments

                       7PM Show - Shopping to Follow

October 27-     Hands-On Workshop - 12PM - 4PM with Joan Getzfrid

                       Pine Needle Basket Coiling - $75 per person

November 3-    Give and Take - Fiber Swap - Fabric, Threads, Beads, Tools, Misc.

TAG - Tiny Art Gallery

Award winning artist, JK Thorsen, has her own style. Without cliché, her details and humanity are personal yet lasting. Not prone to pretension nor over-production, she continues to incorporate ecologically responsible materials and practices in her work.

Thorsen reminds us of play and presence while responding to our times with a whisper. Whether producing on-site - or in her unheated workshop - risk and growth are key, while relationships and awareness remain foremost. 

Visit her bio and resume.

June 6 - June 30, 2018  |   Glenda Dietrich Moore  and  Evelyn Render-Katz

November 7 - December 1, 2018  |   Courtney Porto    "Figures  & Forms"

Reception: Friday October 13th | 5:30PM - 9PM

August 15 - September 1, 2018  |  CHANGING PHACES - Guest Artists

A combination on faces and phases, the different phases and styles as we continue to paint portraits.
The art of the portrait interpreted by six artists using different mediums and painting from live models:  Teresa Armagan, Jennifer Christensen, Jolene Hulsing, Patricia Lontor, Renee Mehrer and Cindy Simon.
There will be several models represented in photographs with each artist’s original work shown along side.  This is a chance to see how different painting styles can be while keeping the model’s likeness in mind.

Reception: Friday August 17th  | 5:30 - 9PM |

September 5 - September 29  |   Carl Dumicich  &  Norm Melichar

Carl Dumicich - Multi-media 

Show in front Gallery

May 2 - June 2, 2018 | Bob Mathews and Rachel Droppers

October 4 - October 28, 2017  Cody Wheelock   |  Ann O'Hara  

Ann O'Hara - Pastels for Small Spaces (TAG)

Pastels are very forgiving... important in paintings and life. Spontaneity, bold, vibrant, each of Ann's pastels has a story. From the rolling hills to the concentrated look of a little girl, Ann wants to convey more than just painting but a connection to the subject. 

Future Expositions

Sept. 13 - Sept. 30, 2017  150 Years of Nebraska Statehood

TAG (Tiny Art Gallery)

Evelyn Render Katz  -  "New Work: Encaustic, Collage and Cold Wax

Inspired by her new environment, Evelyn Render Katz explores the use of different media and color palette. The paintings convey mystery and dream - like quality. Her use of birds is symbolic of our relationship to nature and our inescapable responsibility for it.

Dan Klima - "Wood in a Box" in TAG

October 3 - November 3  |  Biennial Fiber Art Show VI

Reception: Friday January 12th | 5:30PM - 9PM |

Reception: November 9th  |  5:30PM - 9PM  |

July 11- August 4, 2018  |   Robert Wigton  & Tom Sitzman

Reception Friday June 8th  | 5:30PM -9PM  |

March 7 - March 31, 2018 Julie Schram and Pete Wroblewski 

February 7 - March 3, 2018 |  Nick Chiburis Remembered

​Rachel Droppers - exhibition in TAG (Tiny Art Gallelry) 

Carol  Meis Ellington - Free Spirit

 - Front of main Gallery

 - Printmaking, Woodcut, Engravings and Etchings


Carol is a printmaker with many years of experience. She will feature artwork from the past and also new works.

January 3 - February 3, 2018  Carol Ellington  |  Tom Sitzman

Norm Melichar - ART + POLITICS - ARTTICO!

Reflections on our political system - Show in TAG

November 1 - November 25, 2017  Nancy Lepo   |   Dan Klima

Dan Klima began working with wood at an early age. The color and grain found in his sculptures are natural. The theme of his works is celebration of the wood's grain - the interesting and visually pleasing form of each board and plank. His design is ever changing with each bit of wood removed as he discover what lies beneath the surface.

Nancy Lepo's artworks convey her love of science and mathematics. Einstein and Hawking are her heroes. Her works are done on paper using pointillism techniques.     

November 29 - December 30,  2017  | Julie K. Thorsen  Train Cars with Feelings and Other New Works