Terry Hager - Biography

Oil Paintings

Terry Hager was born in North Dakota near the Badlands where he hunted, hiked, camped and enjoyed the views of the massive prairies and colorful rock formations. After spending some time in Europe in the military and seeing some great works of art throughout his journeys, Terry came home and began to pursue a BA degree from North Dakota State University.  Under the direction of Wayne Tollefson, his true passion for painting matured. Wayne encouraged Terry to continue his studies in painting and he was accepted into the Graduate program and awarded a teaching assistantship at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Terry has taught at both NDSU and UNL along with giving private lessons in his studios. His works have won many awards and been shown nationally and internationally. 

As a representational painter, Terry believes that a painter should record what is around him and how it connects to him as a visual statement. He is a traditionalist at heart and devoted much of his time learning the techniques of the early Dutch and Flemish painters, and early 19th century Hudson River School of Painters. Terry likes to stay true to the fundamentals in painting and has a strong conviction that communicating a great visual experience should always include great draftsmanship, composition, designs and color theory. His desire as an artist is to portray through his paintings a positive and uplifting mood that will inspire and at the same time move the viewer through the space that he masterly creates.

American Plains Artist 31st annual juried exhibit hosted by Fort Concho National Historic Landmark 

Sketch for Rolypoly Hill Painting