Feb. 27, 2016 | Art Seminar

Indigo Sampling Workshop with Jay Rich | Expressions in Fiber Art V

Indigo and natural dye experimenter

Saturday, October 8, 2016 | 11 am - 3 pm |

Jay will be teaching about the 4 processes of extracting the indigo dye. The materials will be provided for participants. The workshop is for all levels.

  • ​$65 Fee 
  • Bring your fiber kit, needles, thread, scissors, markers and whatever tools you would use.
  • Bring your own lunch or snack to eat on site.

Sign up at www.connectgallery@gmail.com or contact Connect Gallery at 402-991-8234.

2018 Workshop and Classes

1st Saturday Art Group -

​    -Professionally led by artists

    -First Saturday of every month

    -Medium varied

    -Can bring your own materials

    -First class will begin May 5th

July 2018 - Oil Painting

    -JK Thorsen

    -Saturday July 7, 14, and 21  |1-3PM|

    -Materials provided 

    -$20 per class

September 2018 - Kite Making

    -Saturday September 8th

    -David Randalman

    -Materials provided

    -$25 per person 

November 2018 - Chalk Pastels

    -Anne O'Hara

    -Date to be announced

Sculpture Class

    -Susan Woodford

    -1-on-1 with Susan

    -Call for time 

    -Copper and Steel


Past Workshop    |      Stuart Bay  - Paper Image Collage

Wed., April 29, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.  |  Jenni Schlossman, Ph.D. |  Hudson River School of American Landscape Painting

April 22, 2015    |    Noon to 2    |     Recognizing Earth Day   |    Draw Together & Bicycle Workshop

Past Workshop - Design Class Using Fiber as a Medium -

...allowing mistakes to happen.

Open Collaborative Painting

1st Sat| Dec 7 | 2~4p| Live Art.

Direction from

JK Thorsen &

Evy Render Katz

Past Workshop    |      JK Thorsen | Evelyn Render Katz       |     "...Getting Together to Make Art"

Stuart  Bay: Workshop in Paper Image Collage

Jan. 18, 25 & Feb. 1, 8 2014 | 9am - Noon
$120. - 15 participant limit
Class supply list available upon request.

Gluing and cutting are the only skills required

Bay assists students in creating collage images that resemble the remains of an archaeological process of relational renaissance.

Images are given new life as portions are erased or become transparent revealing explicit and undecided moments.

As students progress, what happens between two or more images becomes more important than the content of a single image. Fluid yet ordered atmosphere of pictorial realities ask students and viewers to invest in their own discoveries, to create their own narratives.

*Stuart Bay's commercial and artistic career include still and digital photography, assemblage, collage, graphics, film, multimedia and video. Numerous photography awards are highlighted by an Academy Award Nomination for his educational film, "T is for Teacher".

Bay's commercial clients have included Eastman Kodak, 3M, Honeywell, Jostens, AMP, Britannica and many others. With degrees from Schaeffer School of Design, Montana State University and Indiana University, his career has also included teaching at the University of Minnesota, College of St. Thomas, Minneapolis College of Art & Design - and locally - Iowa Western & Metropolitan Community Colleges.

Past Workshops

Earth Day Noon-Time

Draw Together


Bicycle Maintenance & Safety Workshop


Sponsored by:

Olympia Cycle

Connect Gallery

JK Thorsens

Evelyn Render-Katz


Wed., April 22, Noon - 2
No Charge with Adv. Registration 



Fiber design workshop with Jean Mills

4 classes + 4 Skype classes

For more information -


*Jean Mills is a former resident of Omaha and founding member of the “Contemporary Fiber Arts Collective” in Nebraska.She has taught art workshops for 12 years in Omaha and Seattle. Jean is the co-author of “Design for Every Quilter” with Lorraine Torrence. Now residing in Anchorage, Alaska, Jean continues to provide education at Omaha's Connect Gallery.

October 2014 - expression through fiber art